Cleaning heat exchange plates

Heat exchange plates are radiators designed to transfer heat from one fluid to another. They are either in contact with each other or separated by a solid barrier.
These plates are used to raise or reduce the temperature of a fluid by using another fluid or condense gases, among other uses.

On 5 June, LIBEIN SISTEMAS collected two heat exchangers from one of our customers.

When they arrived, the heat exchangers had some limescale and rust. The heat exchangers were disassembled and each individual part was submerged and cleaned using our ULTRASONIC cleaning process.
Each heat exchanger features two covers. These parts were sanitised and any rust was removed so that they could be primed and then painted.

At the end of the cleaning process, the heat exchangers were reassembled and a water-tightness test was conducted to check for any leaks. No leaks were detected.

Condition before treatment:

Condition after treatment: