Comprehensive solutions for cleaning, servicing and recovering equipment.

Efficiency and Responsible Innovation

We use non-abrasive cleaning systems that are environmentally friendly.

We are known for cleaning industrial equipment using ultrasonic cleaning systems at our workshops in Asturias and Madrid, and for our dry ice blasting systems designed to clean electrical and electronic panels at our customers’ premises using our patented DEECS system.

Our commitment to all our customers to obtain a high degree of customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality of the results after applying our cleaning and recovery systems enables us to develop new research techniques and to innovate to implement new criteria and applications in the cleaning process, while still using Environment-friendly systems.

Combining all these aspects enables us to offer our customers maximum quality and efficiency in all the services rendered. From the start, we establish a close relationship with all our customers to try to meet their needs and achieve the quality and service provision goals agreed; always seeking the most suitable solution for each situation.

We want our customers to be more productive and to improve their industrial processes; thus, providing them with added value thanks to our technology, products and services that will help to protect and ensure their sustainability.

Advice, Quality, Efficiency, Professionalism and Service
our guidelines to achieve the goals established with each one of our customers.

Our services

  • Maintenance at cogeneration power stations
  • Clean electric panels (dry ice blasting) on ships and in factories
  • Clean leaks at factories (dry ice blasting)
  • Clean catalysts
  • Clean profiles
  • Exchanger plates
  • Electric motors and combustion engines
  • Remove paint (Pickling)
  • Any type of cleaning needed to be able to handle or use equipment
  • Clean graffiti and recover façades and other types of surfaces


  • Microscopic cleaning
  • Saves time
  • Cost reduction
  • Protects the equipment being cleaned
  • Environmentally friendly

Cleaning methods



Pickling is a surface treatment process based on the use of chemicals to clean and prepare metallic surfaces before certain operations (painting, chrome plating, nickel plating, cadmium plating, etc.).
The purpose of pickling is to eliminate any surface impurities, such as oxide scales, grease, inorganic contaminants, rust, slag, or any other metal alloy, that may prevent the layer of chrome or coat of paint from adhering to the metallic part.




This type of cleaning system requires the component to be submerged. This process, which requires some time and a certain temperature (depending on the element being cleaned), removes all the impurities adhered to the surface of the item.

It is suitable for all types of materials (plastic, metal, electronic).
It is used in a wide range of industries, such as: the Automotive industry, Machining, Shipbuilding, Electronics, Painting, Aeronautics, Filters, Optics, Laboratories.




This cleaning system uses soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds, to eliminate undesirable elements on the underlying substrate.
We use nitrogen to remove moisture from electrical equipment and to improve servicing. It can be used without damaging electrical, electronic and mechanical parts and without causing fire hazards. It is used to remove residues from production processes, demoulding agents, contaminants, oil and biofilm. It can also be used in the food industry, given that it is a clean system, and in various general cleaning processes.



The DEECS electric panel cleaning system mainly uses dry gas (nitrogen and CO2) to perform the cleaning process.
It makes it possible to work on equipment (electric motors, low and medium-voltage frequency variators, turbines, stators, rotating equipment, generators, electric and electronic panels, mechanisms, switches, breakers and other electric components) on site.

This system is protected under patent no.: P201400370(X) granted by the Spanish Office of Patents and Marks

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