Cleaning bilge filters

On 28 June, LIBEIN SISTEMAS received a filter from a ship belonging to one of our customers.
This filter is used to prevent discharging oil and water into the sea by removing oil from bilge water.

Bilgewater is treated and pumped into the sea, while any pollutants remain on board to be unloaded in port for treatment and disposal.

Once inspected and disassembled, the cleaning process begins.
First, the plates are pre-washed to remove most of the dirt. Then, the plates and the structure of the filter are submerged in a watery medium based on a specific product that does not damage PVC and CLEANED USING AN ULTRASONIC PROCESS.
Once all the ultrasonic process cycles have been completed, the plates and the filter frame are rinsed individually and then reassembled, ready to be delivered to the customer with the desired finish.

Image of the process: