Cleaning a cylindrical heat exchanger

Last October, a customer sent us this heat exchanger to clean and service.

These heat exchangers, as we have explained in previous articles, are radiators used to heat or cool liquid or gas fluids that flow through their internal pipes. They are manufactured in stainless steel to increase heat transmission and are extensively used in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

However, thermal transmission is hindered when they are dirty.

They are welded to a frame and include corrugated or smooth pipes to increase heat transfer.

The industrial products flow through the inner pipes while the fluids flow through other tubes and the frame.

Before the cleaning treatment:

Libein Sistemas services them using our ultrasonic cleaning system, submerging them in our tanks and applying our “STAR” product. The result is a clean surface free from impurities, even in the most hard-to-reach places.

After the cleaning treatment: