Tight compliance of Regulations, continued improvement, workplace safety and optimization of environmental impact activities.

Integrated policy on quality and environment

LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is focused on play a role in the society’s improvement and development through the cleanness by using the best technique providing the industry an innovative, precise and high-standard methodology allowing the reduction of costs and time and granting the highest customer’s satisfaction.

To achieve this goal, LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. set our integral policy based on the compliance of the following standards:

1 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is daily focused in acting in perfect balance with today’s society. Today’s society has a commitment with laws and regulations compliance.

2 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. really appreciates our customers. Our goal is to keep the confidence and satisfaction with them though high standards of professionalism and a rigorous ethic code.

3 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is highly committed with the compliance of client’s and legal requirements and with any other third party involved in the project.

4 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. engage with continuous improvement both in management and quality of our projects.

5 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is managed in a consistent and proactive way. We offer our employees a safe and motivating workplace environment and favourable for the development of the activities, supporting the management with the adequate technology.

6 – LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. appreciate company’s culture, encouraging every person to self-develop at the highest level (a happy company).

LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. set our goal on consolidate our position in the market as a global supplier of cleaning services. We offer a broad range of solutions to the industry, providing an unique and exceptional added value in the market.


LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. goal is to carry out a wide range of activities focused in the environmental protection. We want to promote environmental friendliness in operations and services and to achieve the highest efficiency degree of available resources in order to minimize the contamination. For this sake, LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. shows a strong commitment with environmental protection and contamination prevention. This strong commitment involves the compliance of the legal requirements and any other additional condition, including specific commitments belonging to our professional context.