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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the principle of high frequency waves (from 20KHz) produced in the liquid in which the pieces are submerged.

Due to the frequency of work and the density of liquid, continuous depressions and overpressures </ strong> appear and disappear within a matter of microseconds in the liquid, causing the water molecule to implode approximately 40,000 times per second, producing a brushed micro that acts around any element that is introduced. This phenomenon is called ultrasonic cavitation </ strong>, which eliminates dirt from the surface of the submerged parts even in the most difficult access points, reaching the internal areas that are not accessible With other cleaning methods.

Technology “SEEP SYSTEM”
Our equipment incorporates a sweeping system that oscillates the working frequency of 40 kHz +/- 2%, improving cavitation and getting the cleaning faster and more uniform throughout the tank.


It is suitable for all types of materials (plastic, metal, electronic).
It is used in a wide range of industries, such as: the Automotive industry, Machining, Shipbuilding, Electronics, Painting, Aeronautics, Filters, Optics, Laboratories.


This ultrasonic cleaning process provides a number of benefits:


1.The quality of microscopic cleaning.
Through ultrasound we achieve a top quality cleaning at the surface level, regardless of whether the pieces have a difficult configuration or internal recesses.

2.Time saving.
It saves 82% time when compared to traditional cleaning methods

3. Savings in detergents and water.
The consumption of detergents is minimal (2%) and the use of water is reduced as the items are washed by submerging them in the water.

Depending on the application, water filters are installed in a closed circuit to lengthen the time of the cleaning bath.

4.Labor saving/strong>
Due to the rapidity of ultrasonic cleaning, and because once we introduce the pieces, the presence of an operator is not necessary, and the operator can perform other productive tasks.

5.A risk-free cleaning process.
A risk-free cleaning process for workers and enviroment because we avoid the need to use and touch hazardous products, such as solvents, acids and alkaline detergents.

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