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LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. was established in 2014. Its founders have extensive careers in the metal, dairy, shipbuilding, food and energy industries. The business focuses on providing comprehensive equipment cleaning and recovery services and solutions. We use non-abrasive and environment-friendly cleaning systems.

Our commitment to all our customers is to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction by focussing all our effort on the quality of the outcome after applying our cleaning and recovery systems. Based on this commitment, as we progress, we develop new research and innovation projects to implement new criteria and applications in the field of industrial cleaning.








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Combining all these aspects enables us to offer our customers maximum QUALITY and EFFICIENCY in all the services rendered. From the beginning, we establish a close relationship with all our customers to meet their needs and achieve the quality and service provision goals agreed; always seeking the most suitable solution for each situation.

We always start by performing the necessary tests to provide customers with information on the end result.


We want our customers to be more productive and to improve their industrial processes; thus, providing them with added value thanks to our technology, products and services that will help to protect and ensure their sustainability. We help to cut production costs by reducing the amount of downtime and improving their production capacity. All this is achieved by maintaining high ISO quality standards and respecting environmental commitments.


Our commitment is to achieve full customer satisfaction. This requires that we provide our services in an ethical manner and always in compliance with the regulations in force. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are key components of our goals; we endeavour to provide our services with the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

We seek to improve through collaboration, innovation, research and applying continuous improvement processes to our techniques to provide the latest technology for the benefit of our customers.


Libein Sistemas employs highly qualified personnel with extensive experience. As a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and that highly values its staff as one of its main assets, we provide on-going training and we protect and cater for the health & safety of our workers by providing them with the necessary technical training and by strictly complying with all laws governing labour issues and occupational health & safety.


RR.D. 1415/2004, of 11 June, that approves the General Regulation on Revenue Collection of the Social Security, R.D.L. 8/2015, of 30 October, that approves the revised text of the General Law of Social Security (since 2-01-2016), R.D. 84/1996, of 26 January, that approves the General Regulation on the registration of businesses and the affiliation, registration and variation of employee data in the Social Security system, R.D. 2064/1995, of 22 December, that approves the General Regulation on the contribution and liquidation and other rights regarding the Social Security, Law 31/1995, of 8 November, on Occupational Health & Safety.

We protect and take care of our workers regarding health & safety by providing them with the necessary technical training. When providing our services, we comply with all workplace regulations (industrial safety).


At Libein Sistemas, we respect the environment and strive, while performing our activities, to reduce our and our customers’ environmental impact. Our commitment to the environment can be seen in the manner in which we deal with waste products through approved waste management companies in compliance with R.D. 833/88 and Law 20/2011.

In addition, we comply with Environmental Responsibility regulations.
R.D. 2816/1983, of 13 October, 18475 Law 26/2007, of 23 October, on Environmental Responsibility.