Libein Sistemas performs the maintenance of these filters, which come with a lot of fuel dirt due to the function they perform.
To start with the cleaning process, the first thing is to disassemble them, removing the covers and bases of each of them.
The filters are pre-washed to remove most of the residue and, once this is done, they are submerged in a pool to carry out the ultrasonic process; process in which they must be several hours for this to take effect.
Meanwhile, the cleaning of the removed covers and bases is carried out.
Once the ultrasonic process is finished, the filters are rinsed with water at a high temperature to remove product residues, and then the filters are assembled with the covers and bases removed.
To conclude the cleaning of these filters, a final cleaning process is carried out in which a final product is applied, achieving the finish they deserve to be delivered to the customer.