DEECS: Dry gas cleaning (real project)

DRYELECTRIC ELECTRONIC CLEANING SYSTEMS; this is the name of this cleaning system patented in Spain under No. 201400370.

On 13 June, a steel production company, one of the largest in Europe, contacted us urgently to clean and dry some electric cabinets that were wet due to floods that had resulted in the plant having to shut down.

First, we vacuumed all the waste and water from the cabinets.

We then applied CO2 and nitrogen inside the cabinets. The next step was to apply only nitrogen to remove any possible dampness and, then, we once again applied a gas mixture to the areas where any traces of dirt remained to clean the cabinets thoroughly. Nitrogen was then applied to these areas again to eliminate any moisture that may have persisted.
The time required to work on each cabinet depended on its size. Other complications involved the dirt that had accumulated inside, in addition to hard-to-reach areas. In this case, an additional difficulty was the water that had accumulated.

We finally managed to solve the problem, reduce costs, and the company was able to start production again in record time.