Cleaning a Strainer

On 31 May, we received some strainers from one of our major customers (ENCE from Navia).

Strainers are sediment filters that protect the components of a pipeline, such as the pumps and gauges. They are used to prevent contamination by solid particles generated by the wear or erosion of the surface of machine parts.

These filters arrived with some dirt stains and we cleaned them using our ULTRASONIC system.

The ultrasonic process provides a top quality cleaning outcome at surface level, regardless of any internal spaces that are difficult to reach.
This cleaning system is considered a risk-free process as we avoid the use of and contact with dangerous products, such as solvents, acid, and highly alkaline detergents.

Once the work had been completed and we had achieved the desired finish, the strainers were packaged and delivered to the customer on 8 June.

Before cleaning:

Final result: