Stainless Steel Filters

This is a real example of how to clean stainless steel filters using ultrasonic cavitation

Today we are going to show you an ULTRASONIC CLEANING system.
In this case, one of our customers sent us five stainless steel filters that are used in the food industry.

This type of cleaning is based on HIGH-FREQUENCY WAVES generated inside a liquid into which the parts are submerged.

Due to the working frequency and density of the liquid, low and high-pressure areas appear and disappear continually in microseconds, causing a micro-brush effect. This phenomenon is known as ULTRASONIC CAVITATION.

It can remove dirt particles from the surface of the parts submerged, even from the most difficult places, reaching interior areas that cannot be reached using other cleaning systems.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for all types of parts.
It removes any type of substance (oil, grease, scales, polish, etc.) and achieves the desired finish.
It can be applied to any material: plastic, metal, electric…