Last February, Libein moved to a customer’s facility to clean and recover electrical and electronic equipment that had long since been unused due to the dirt they presented.
Before starting the processes, our technicians check all the equipment and the work area. We show you some of the images where you can see different parts before starting to execute the works.
Once the work area has been checked and prepared, the hygienisation and recovery of all electrical and electronic equipment is started through our DEEC’s system.
This DEEC’s system, patented nationally with the nº 201400370, uses mainly dry gases (Nitrogen and CO2), not causing damage to any of the equipment and maintaining and improving all conditions, both of humidity and of any problem that may present.
Here are the images of the results, once the work is finished:
Finally, the grilles are also cleaned, thus leaving the area ready and ready, so that the customer can use the equipment again safely without any risk, avoiding damage and breakdowns.