Cleaning 2 propellers

These two propellers were subjected to an ULTRASONIC cleaning process when it became clear that the impurities that had to be removed had been caused by welding and small marks.

First, they were pre-washed using hot water. Then, they were treated using an ultrasonic cavitation system to remove all the impurities even in areas that were difficult to reach. The inaccessible interior areas were reached using other cleaning methods.

Subsequently, the propellers were given a specific treatment for steel and then rinsed again to finish the cleaning process.
The images show the propellers before and after the cleaning process:


After :

This ultrasonic cleaning process provides a number of benefits:

  • The quality of microscopic cleaning.
  • It saves time when compared to traditional cleaning methods.
  • Savings in detergents and water. The consumption of detergents is minimal and the use of water is reduced as the items are washed by submerging them in the water.
  • A risk-free cleaning process because we avoid the need to use and touch hazardous products, such as solvents, acids and alkaline detergents.