Ultrasonic cleaning of two filter cartridges for one of our regular customers, this being from the food sector. Thus we receive them: Once the submersion process is done, a polishing system is used to have perfect results and the filters shine like new. BEFORE: AFTER: (The result can be seen


Libein Sistemas, returns again after a small break .. We show another example of ultrasonic cleaning. This time it is the turn of some "nozzles", pieces that the client uses to strain and filter the steel. These pieces were subjected to the ultrasonic cleaning process, which, as we explained in

Cleaning two Rotors

WELCOME DECEMBER! We are starting a new month, the last of the year, and a new website. This time, Libein Sistemas has cleaned two rotors. Rotors are components that spin inside an electric machine and are key elements in transmitting the power of the motor to electrical machinery in general.