New project!! Cleaning process carried out by degreasing, pickling and passivating by immersion, managing to eliminate all impurities with which we receive the pieces, so that they are impeccable when delivering to our client. The piece (copper) shown below is the way it has been received at our facility. In

Pickling silencers

September! After a short break, we are back again. Libein Sistemas has the privilege of working with major international companies. During the summer, we cleaned these silencers. Silencers are protective elements that cover the fans found in motorway tunnels. The cleaning process used was: STAINLESS STEEL PICKLING. The purpose of

Pickling and cleaning stainless steel

This is a surface treatment process based on the use of chemicals to clean and prepare metallic surfaces before certain operations (painting, chrome plating, nickel plating, cadmium plating, etc.). The purpose of pickling is to eliminate any surface impurities (oxide scales, grease...) that may prevent the layer of chrome or